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A light golden color and pleasantly bitter taste makes this highly drinkable beer the most popular beer in Germany.
Pilsner is a hoppy, bottom-fermenting beer that stands out due to its pleasantly bitter flavor. As the name already suggests, Pilsner comes from the brewing style that originated in the Bohemian city of Pilsen. A characteristic feature of pilsner beers is a flowery but dry finish. The bitter taste stimulates the appetite, which is why this beer is often drunk as an aperitif.
Beer Brewing Kit containing: 1 pouch of Barley-malt extract* (ingredients: barley malt, water, acidifier lactic acid), 1 bottle of hop flavouring**, 1 sachet of dry beer yeast (ingredients: dry yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate), 1 five litre keg as fermentation tank (empty), 1 pressure control valve, 1 instruction manual
* 650g ** 9ml ℮


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